Lockdown: Looking at the Positives

The frequently used and most discussed lexicon COVID-19, a land mark in human history has shaken the whole world. As a growing wave it is trapping every sphere of human life. Its tentacles have affected every nook and corner of human society. It has taken away sleep from the eyes of politician, scientist, intellectuals, police personnel, layman etc. As there is no vaccine to control the pandemic right now, many steps are being taken to tackle the critical situation. Out of these steps “STAY HOME: STAY SAFE” counts to be the most reliable and promising one.

If we will analyze the statistical trend of this pandemic COVID-19, the country India and the State Odisha’s index projects better position in comparison to other developed nations. The vital factor in tackling the situation is the earlier declaration of the principle “STAY HOME: STAY SAFE”. The noble effort has strengthened the sociological significance of the social institution family. In every society, family is considered as the most unique fabric of social institution. It is supposed to fulfill the fundamental need i.e nature, nurture, necessity which also include safety and security. The institution of family was getting weak due to the social advancement in terms of technology and globalization.  An increasing physical and emotional gap was weakening the family ties. Intoxication to social media, outmigration of youth population and growing individualism due to the opening of the borders were making the elderly parents lonely. Now, due to the lockdown many of the youth preferred and were desperate to get back to their original families which they found to be a comfortable place for them. Those who could not revert back are in constant touch with the parents and siblings. Thus, disaster has bridged up the distance and glued the members of the family, taking the family into its original form.

 Division of labour and the significance of specialization have shown their worth during these days. The frontline crisis managers like the doctors, paramedical staff, police, lawmakers, bureaucrats, sanitation workers have been contributed significantly as crisis managers. At home too there is a role reversal and the role stereotypes are found to be eroding. Members together are found to be discharging the various domestic functions.  This is a new development.

 Nationalism has grown. People without any contest have accepted the repressive laws for the people. People have gone back to the good old idea that the state is the ultimate protector of the individuals. No one challenges the overreaching of the state. The idea “United we stand, divided we fall’ grapples the minds and hearts of every individual. There is restoration of collectivism and social solidarity.

 A limit to consumption has also been found. Due to the check on the flow of commodities; the growing significance of market is on decline. This is no doubt put a limit to growth which will be contributing significantly to maintaining ecological balance and sustainable growth. Further, due to the lock down when humans are in a state of confinement nature is taking its space.

 Thus lockdown can be concluded as blessings in disguise to revive the old principles on which the social edifice was thriving. The positive reaps need not to be ended with the ending of the lockdown, but humanity needs to know it’s worth and make it a permanent practice. Adversities have enabled mankind to discover the realities and virtues. Let the virtues become the guiding principles for the societies to grow and remain safe.

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